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good morning. breaking news. she's out. wearing a bright pink t-shirt and little emotion on her face, casey anthony is whisked out of jail surrounded by armd officers and facing an angry crowd. she is led away in an suv. where is she now? scorched earth. our sizzling summer brings new record highs across the country with temperatures soaring above 100. and for many states, it's about to get even hotter. how long will the triple-digit heat last? and life saver. a 911 dispatcher helps a family rescue their little boy from a near drowning. >> have your son pinch the child's nose. >> pinch the nose, dar. >> give two more regular breaths
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and then pump that chest 30 times. >> our exclusive interview with the hero and the child who is alive because of him. the hero and the child who is alive because of him. today, sunday, july 17, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. the big story is casey antany gone free after 1,006 days in jail and 12 days after a jury found her not guilty of murdering her daughter, caylee, casey anthony is a free woman. >> this is the scene. casey appears to say thank you to one of the law enforcement officers before she is led out the door by her attorney. kristen dahlgren was there and she joins us live from orlando with the latest. kristen, good morning. >> good morning, lester.
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well, news choppers lost sight of casey anthony's suv last night so we don't know where she is, other than for the first time in almost three years she's not waking up here at the orange county jail. you can probably hear some protesters are still here. with all the protest and publicity, so much talk about using decoys or sneaking out a back door. in the end, she walked right out the jail's front door. just minutes after midnight, a first glimpse at casey anthony free woman. in a bright pink shirt and showing little emotion, she and her attorney, jose baez, wasted no time. >> she was just tunnel vision to the door and that's when i think i saw that, you know, that smile or relief, if you will. because she saw freedom. >> reporter: but that freedom may bring the start of an even tougher trial for anthony. as she walked out the front of the jail and into an suv, crowds of protesters erupted in anger.
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>> there's no justice for her baby. only for her. >> reporter: security on high alert as her suv drove away. while her final destination is for now a mystery, there is no secret to how those feel about anthony's release. casey anthony is often called the most hated woman in america. few recent cases have drawn such attention and few defendants such animosity. >> just the way her demeanor and how she acted. it just, it just made you so angry and i'm still angry over it all. it's so frustrating. >> reporter: anthony has gotten multiple death threats. tens of thousands have lashed out on social networking sites. security experts say fears cannot be ignored. >> she needs an entire program. it will take more than one body
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guard or two or three. she needs a complete program. >> reporter: security costs that could run into tens of thousands of dollars or more. on friday, anthony's attorneys, again, asked the court to declare her indegent. the jail left with just $537, some from admirers who sent her money. indeed, there are those who chose to support their express for anthony. ♪ casey anthony ♪ please be with me >> reporter: but as she heads off to her new life, many speculate a paid interview or book deal will have to be casey anthony's next stop. in fact, an independent television producer offered her a million dollars for the first interview and as the world waits for the first sighting outside of jail, lester, it is going to be very difficult for her to stay out of the public eye. >> kristen dahlgren, thanks.
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her whereabouts are unknown at this hour. there is a question of her future, what will she do, what will her life be like outside the jail cell? joining me is beth karas a correspondent for trutv and tony who was inside the jail when casey was released. beth and tony, good morning to both of you. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tony, we heard your account a moment ago of her release. i want to get a sense of whether you thought she was prepared to see you and members of the press and the crowd outside. how she reacted to the crowd that was engineering as she walked to the suv. >> i think she was prepared because the way she came out it was very calm. she was in shock when she saw the three embedded journalists that were in the lobby there. so, i think jose, as he's done throughout this whole procedure, probably talked to her and told her to expect two cameras in there and maybe a mike stand and that they were not going to stop
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by the mike stand. they were going to b line it to the door and i'm also sure he told her that the crowd was going to be in their own little secure area but she was going to hear all the yelling and nasty things and to be ready for that. >> i'm assuming it's not a usual procedure to have a deputy in a vest and automatic weapon escorting a released prisoner out. other than that, did you get the sense they followed a normal release procedure for someone convicted of a misdemeanor? >> this was not a normal release. in the history of this prar particular facility, this is the first. you have to give a lot of props to the chief of this correction facility for giving us the privilege to be inside and doing it in a humane way. it could have been worse. they had three different scenarios that they were going to try to bring her out. according to the conditions outside with the fans and people who were waiting for her outside. so, we ended up going with the
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first scenario, which was the or original one. the chief wanted to bring her out through the public door, just like everybody else comes out. but in case there was any unsafe situation, they were going to take her out two other scenarios. but this has never been done here like this before. the cooperation was just unbelievable. >> let me bring in beth, if i can. what are you hearing about what is next for casey and where she might be at this hour? >> well, we do not know where she is right now and, quite frankly, lester, her lawyers have a lid on everything. the way they did throughout the trial. we did not even know what the defense was going to be until the eve of trial. they are not saying where she is. there is some speculation she has already left the state because of some leer jets that left in the middle of the night and others are saying she's still here in orange county. she's not going to be to employable in the service
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industry. no one is going to want to have her wait on them or deal with her. she'll have to change a job by phone or change her identity and lay low for a while. >> beth, anyone that watched the testimony in the trial as you did and heard from members of her family might have a lot of questions about the nature of that relationship. does she have a family to go back to? is there a family unit there that would welcome her? >> well, it is our understanding that her family would welcome her. however, she doesn't want to go there. she refused a visit from her mother after her acquittal on the felony charges. she fcontinues, apparently, to e astranged from her parents and may take some time to amend that relationship, if at all. >> we'll end the conversation there. beth karas, you have been a big help throughout the trial. we appreciate you coming on and tony, as always, thanks, as well. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. now, here's jenna. >> lester, thank you. from casey anthony we now turn
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to our other top story, that devastating heat wave sweeping across the country. the temperatures rising and reaching record highs. if you're not in the grips of it yet, get ready. eric fisher is in minneapolis for more on this summer's extreme weather. eric, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. they say the coldest time of the day, typically, right around day break. the temperature at target field, 80 degrees. uncomfortable to say the least and dangerous and deadly in some cases, especially as we head through the next few days with heat continuing to build, not just here in the twin cities, but literally a huge chunk of the heartland of america. it is going to be a multi-day event. now, here at target field. only a year and a half hold, but the hottest game the twins have ever played here inside the stadium. they're acting accordingly. free water throughout the stadium and putting it around the upper deck and at the concourses and even at the gates so that all the fans can stay hydrated at today's game, not a night game scheduled for today.
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first aid crews and wandering around looking for anyone that needs help. they'll try to be there for everybody. the heat expected to be about 105 by the time we geet the end of the game. jenna? >> eric fisher, thank you very much. chris is here with a check of your forecast. good morning. >> good morning, jenna. eric said it, dangerous heat that we're dealing with and look at the extent of this heat from texas and louisiana all the way up to the canadian border. while it's going to read 95 degrees on the thermometer, by the end of the day, the heat index, 110. 15 degrees warmer than what the thermometer reads. this heat is going to expand. you'll see it move into the mid-atlantic and back into the south and even into the northeast. we have days of heat on the way, lester. you have to do what you have to do to keep cool. >> chris, thanks. now, to politics. washington gearing up for a
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crucial week in this battle for a debt deal. president obama is warning of a financial armageddon if a deal isn't reached. can both sides find common ground? david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. i keep listening for some sort of a code word or phrase that suggest there is word for compromise. do you hear anything in the language that suggests either side is willing to offer an olive branch here? >> what i hear is a willingness to ultimately raise the debt ceiling but to do it in its most minimal form. i think the idea of a big agreement, a big grand deal that would involve big spending cuts over ten years, i don't think that's going to happen and that really centers around the fact that republicans will not raise taxes and the president is only going to do so much in terms of spending cuts, if it doesn't involve tax increases. so, i think that center of gravity has moved away from the white house, despite the president's pressure. and up to capitol hill where there are deliberations going on
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about what the fall back position is. i think that's where washington is right now. a big solution to a small problem. >> does each side think the voters will side with them? that politically the other guy is going to pay the price for this? >> i think they're trying to get something neutral. not a victory, not a defeat. both sides recognize the peril of not letting the debt ceiling be raised and even though there are more junior lawmakers that say, no, this is a false crisis. no reason to raise the debt ceiling unless we get the sort of deal that we want. you heard from the president, let's push this out and have the debate in the election over taxes and spending. the reality, what you come back to is people are so frustrated that washington can't do hard things. they can't make hard decisions because they're afraid of the political consequences. when we're up against the wall like this. >> i know we'll have more about this on "meet the press" coming up. david gregory, thanks. here's jenna.
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lester, overseas, disturbing new charges in the phone scandal surrounding rupert murdoch. chatman, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. well, this morning is the first sunday morning without the "news of the world" the popular sunday newspaper that folded under pressure under this scandal but rupert murdoch were still a bit busy publishing this morning. issuing a fresh apology in some of the uk's other papers, including "sunday times." his remaining sunday publication. putting right what's gone wrong. promising to compensate those affected. for those involved, there is no place to hide. but what has gone wrong for the media mogul? the most recent fallout from the hacking scandal, two chief executives of news corp but more could be in line. last week metropolitan police
8:14 am
commissioner paul stevenson answered questions. >> i do not believe on any occasion i have acted inappropriately. >> reporter: police deny any wrongdoing after he received a free retreat where neil wallace was a pr consultant. wallace arrested in the scandal, has also been a pr consultant to the police. "new york times" reports that 11,000 pagers of handwritten notes naming politicians, sports stars, police officials whose phones may have been hacked sit in a police evidence room. now stars david beckham and paul mccartney admit they are among these names. legal experts say this opens the way to possible prosecution in the u.s. >> just a british problem.
8:15 am
but with the resignation of the publisher of "wall street journal" you see that no part of rupert murdoch's media empire appears to be immune. >> reporter: one thing that does seem certain, the full extent of the scandal is not yet known. well, jenna, there's just been news that another arrest has been made, but no details about this. and on tuesday this week, rupert murdoch and his son, james, are expected to, well, will appear in front of parliament to answer questions about what they have known about this scandal and the deputy prime minister here in britain gave an interview at the bbc this morning saying they must come clean with what they knew. jenna? >> this is far from over. thank you very much. chris jansing is at the news desk with more of today's headlines. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in los angeles where karcarmageddon has turned out te
8:16 am
carmaheaven. good morning, aditi. >> it seems that drivers are heeding warnings and staying off the roads through the weekend. they have shut down ten miles of the 405 freeway, the notoriously busy freeway while they demolish half a bridge in a road widening project. they had no major reports of problems on the roads. lax said no delays at the airport. the 405 is a lifeline in the area and one of the busiest roads in the country. now, billboards have been up for months warning drivers about the closure. the road is expected to be back up and running tomorrow morning at 5:00. chris? >> thank you so much. on saturday president obama met with the dalai lama for 45 minutes. while the president praised his nonviolent efforts, he also reiterated the u.s. does not support independence for tibet. the meeting grocery damages the
8:17 am
relationship between the two countries. ann curry spoke with the dalai lama yesterday. finally an out of this world opening day for the final harry potter film. "harry potter and the deathly hallows" raked in $92 million on friday, higher than what the industry experts predicted. it shattered the single day record set in 2009 by the twilight saga which earned $72 million. and that's the news, back to lester, jenna and chris. when i went on friday, people were holding up signs, do you have a ticket? it was like, i don't know, justin bieber concert.
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temperatures in the upper 60s to low and mid-70s. 74 in downtown washington. 73 leesburg. 75 st. mary's county, some phd. day planner, temperatures climb into the mid and upper 70s. mid-80s by lunchtime. near 90 today. 90s return tomorrow and last all week. all right. that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thanks, chris. off to the wild. we commune with nature and nature will never be the same. neither will we. our survival school experience.
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with the red, white, and blue. ocean spray cranberry, white cranberry, and blueberry juice cocktails. [ coughs ] okay, i believe this one is yours? [ clears throat ] we're here and we're together and we're still speaking. we're always up for an adventure around here and we did one recently. you, amy and myself went to utah this week to a survival school. >> they don't throw that word around lightly like survival school like any kind of school. it is a really good test of your survival skills out in the utah wildernist. >> the hardest part of this is what we couldn't bring. we all brought backpacks and
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sleeping bags, no eeping bags. >> no toilet paper. no sunglasses. no blackberries. we honestly had to survive for 24 hours in boulder, utah, with nothing more than a blanket on our back. >> we couldn't eat until we made the fire. >> we will have a full report of this next saturday and sunday here on "today" and you'll see how we made out. >> we are alive and speaking, two good things came out of this whole thing. still to come on a sunday edition of "today." you go, girls. rooting on team usa in today's world cup soccer finals. first, these messages. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too?
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still to come on "today." casey anthony out of jail. will she be safe? the dispatcher that saved a toddler from drowning. but, first, these messages. also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime.
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good morning. 8:26 on this sunday, july 17th. i'm aaron gilchrist. in our headlines, an alert from metro all entrance escalators out of service on the red line. metro is having mechanical problems with the escalators. after 24-hour on the run, a murder suspect who escaped a d.c. superior court holing cell is behind bars. u.s. marbles say james brewer turned himself in yesterday afternoon. court records show he switched i.d. bracelets and walked out of the courthouse. he was charged in last month's murder of #71-year-old solomon
8:27 am
reece. this man held up the capital one just you before 10:00 yesterday morning. if you can help find him call 866-411-tips >> the new african-american civil war museum will hold a film festival as part of the grand reopening this weekend. 5,000 square foot building just opened in the shaw section, northwest d.c. a formal bib bon-cutting ceremony will be held tomorrow. stick around. a chec
8:28 am
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one more nice day to get outside, and then the bottom falls out. hey, chuck. >> hey, aaron. i don't know if the ball falls out or the top blows off. temperatures are really climbing toward the middle and later parts of the upcoming week. yes, indeed, enjoy today as much as you can. temperatures right now are in the low and middle 70s. but with plenty of sunshine streaming through our mostly blue sky. a warm day today. temperatures in the mid-80s by lunchtime. upper 80s. a few fair weather clouds around. it will be dry around town today. tomorrow, 92. slight chance of a few thunderstorms tomorrow. it gets really hazy, hot, humid, with highs close anything on 100 degrees, thursday, friday, saturday. >> thank you, chuck. join us for a full hour of news
8:30 am
4 today at 9:00 this morning. we hope to see you then. now back to new york. hey, we're back on a sunday morning, july 17th, 2011. it is going to be a hot time in this city today. temperatures well over 90 and we have some great summer folks here enjoying this great new york heat. we'll call it that out on our plaza. thanks to them for spending part of their sunday morning with us outside on the plaza. i'm jenna wolfe alongside lester holt. after three years in jail and 12 days since her acquittal, casey anthony is out of jail. >> a ten-second walk out the door and to a crowd of engineering gatherers there. her attorney was by her side. she was driven in an suv to an
8:31 am
undisclosed location. much more on the story and take a closer look at what life has been like for other high-profile defendants who have been acquitted. we have an incredible story about a 3-year-old who was playing at his home when he accidentally fell into a pool. 3-year-old malchi was on unconscious and not breathing and his family called 911. the dispatcher talked them through the steps to revive him. these doing great and live in our studio. just spent some time with him. he has a big smile. there he is. his family and malchi and the dispatcher will all be joining us. >> very dramatic and very chilling. so glad it had a wonderful outcome. big day, team usa, women's soccer team takes on japan in the finals of the world cup championship. the ladies have captured america's heart with amazing play and amazing devotion and
8:32 am
also hopefully capture the title. a live report from germany coming up. >> you going to watch in. >> i think i will. >> 1999 was that big, fun year they all went to the finals. first, a special guest joining us here on the plaza and he's brought a special gift and i know this because i actually spent some time in this two-seater indy car a few weeks ago. which is incredible. >> yes, it is. >> it said lester holt, i thought he was going it read it. i apologize. he wasn't paying attention. >> canada is your home, right? >> my hometown. >> second time you'll drive in front of a canadian crowd. >> we were in toronto last week and. >> he looks so young, despite the beard. how long have aiobeen rayou bee now? >> i started racing at 9. my father had a mid-life crisis
8:33 am
and that was pretty much it. got a go-cart for my ninth birthday and doing it ever since. no race car on the planet that goes faster than this thing. over 225 miles per hour. so, it's a tremendous thing to see on the street courses it's almost more incredible to watch. how we navigate city streets, the braking, accelerating. all sorts of things. racing all kinds of tracks. the fastest, most versatile racers on the track. >> i should mention, which is really interesting. this is custom made. it is made for your exact body as is your steering wheel and everything you use in the car. >> it's so tight in here. this is a bit bigger. this is a two-seater. mine is shorter than that. the seats are all custom made to the body. the physical forces that go through the body when you're in the car. the g forces are incredible. when you go through a corner, you almost have to hold your
8:34 am
breath because like someone is crunching your lung together. the braking forces -- >> chris, good luck. great having you here. good luck in edmonton. we can watch you race next sunday on versus. >> thank you for being with us. chris warren has another check of our
8:35 am
good sauptd sunday morning. bright sunshine. it's going to be a warm day today. mostly sunny. a chance pore one or two quick showers west of the blue ridge and into the southern end of shenandoah valley. highs mid to upper 80s. back to work on a monday, sunny ask hot, more humid. there will be an opportunity for a few late day thunderstorms tomorrow. most of your monday will be dry. if you're headed oest. that's your forecast. now, here's lester. >> chris, thanks. now, to casey anthony's first day of freedom after 1,006 days in jail and 12 days after a jury found her not guilty of murdering her daughter. casey anthony was released from jail and no one knows what she will do next or where she will live. notable defendants have had a rocky road after they were found
8:36 am
not guilty. jay gray reports. >> reporter: as casey anthony walked out of the orange county jail, followed in the footsteps of a groups of high-profile defendants whose freedom has captured the attention and emotions -- >> justice for caylee! >> reporter: of the country. >> there are many people who identify with the victims or even with the witnesses and they feel very strongly about it and it really becomes very passionate to them. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: what about those accused and acquitted once the focus shifts to the next courtroom drama? o.j. simpson is currently serving time in a nevada state prison convicted of numerous felonies, including kidnapping and armed robbery. michael jackson fought rumors and algallegations until his de two years ago. >> not guilty of the crime of first degree murder of bonnie -- >> reporter: robert blake
8:37 am
acquitted in the murder of his wife was ruled libel. >> find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: william kennedy smith acquitted of rape charges in 2001 is a doctor now. a civil assault by a co-worker was dismissed in 2005. and now a mom, even lorena bobbitt cut a nerve with so many that followed her trial. >> makes people more cynical and skeptical about the system. >> reporter: part of an effect that lasts long after the verdict. >> now with the internet, now it really doesn't go away because now you just google it. you can put in murder or famous trials or acquittals and you get all the information as if it happened yesterday. >> reporter: or this morning. >> and i want her to be able to grieve and grow and somehow get her life back together. >> reporter: casey anthony,
8:38 am
perhaps, taking a step out of the spotlight for the first time in three years, but with the emotion and passion from her trial, like the others before her, is not likely to fade for quite some time. for "today" jay gray, nbc news, new york. up next, a boy's hero. a live interview with the 911 dispatcher of the child he saved from drowning. we'll hear the dramatic call after these messages. t ] [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand? with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk.
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malchi sessions accidentally fell into a backyard swimming pool. a family member pulled him out of the pool and quickly called 911. listen to what happened next. >> have your son pinch the child's nose. >> pinch the nose, dar. >> and give two more regular breaths. >> two more regular breaths. >> and then pump that chest 30 times. >> pump it again, baby, 30 times. >> 1, 2, 3 -- >> 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 -- >> 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 2, 4, 35, 36. >> two more breaths. >> remember, tell your son, keep doing the compressions, don't give up. i appreciate your help. just encourage your son to keep doing it because you guys are doing a good job. i just need your help to do
8:43 am
this, please, until the paramedics arrive. >> joining us now is 911 dispatcher david macini. 3-year-old malchi. good morning to all of you. who is that, buddy? is that you? >> where? >> you see yourself right there. say hi. wave. let me start with you, first of all, this had to be a traumatic experience for you. you got this call that something happened. first of all, let me start with this. he looks like he's doing great. how is he doing? >> he's almost back to normal. tremendous. >> he has his energy back and all of that for the most part? how long before they say he will be completely back? >> they say he may have to undergo physical therapy, but it's looking like he might not have to after all. >> what was that phone call like for you or when you came home to find out what happened? >> it was just scary. i didn't know what was going on
8:44 am
because i just talked to my cousin an hour previous to getting the phone call. >> you weren't home. it was a family member that was home when he had accidentally fallen into the pool. >> how are you doing? can i get a high five. give me a high five. how old are you? we're 3 years old. what was the first toy you played with when you got back to your house? do you remember? was is your drums? was it your truck? oh, suddenly he's been talking all morning and now he's camera shy. >> it's -- >> you think about that. >> it's a bike. >> okay, we'll think about that for a second. he's playing with every single toy, basically. everything on his head he has played with. david, i want to turn to you. this is what you do for a living. you're trained to stay calm and
8:45 am
you're trained to be cool under pressure. but when you get a call like this that a little boy has drowned. is it hard for you to maintain that sense of calm when you're trying to talk someone through something like this? >> couple things to note is when you take calls like this, with the experience that you get in the high-volume call center that new haven is you understand that through experience and through great training and also support in terms of the team, the team that we have, the entire chain of team for public safety tell dispatchers that absolutely supported it and got the mission done. one of the things that you can see in the call is that when it's an immediate threat to life safety and an immediate threat, that's kind of why we go to work. >> that's why you do it. >> you're meeting dave frid for first time. what is it like to meet him and just be able to thank him in person? >> i'm very happy to meet him. i'm very appreciative. he was persistent during the
8:46 am
whole thing and he stayed calm. that is what saved malachi's life. >> david has a present for you. i know you're tired. this will be over in 15 seconds. that was quite a yawn. look what david has for you. >> a couple cool things. we have a t-shirt from my motorcycle club to you, we'll make you an honorary member. >> he's getting undressed. it will probably fit. very nice. >> i was talking to sergeant ricardo rodriguez of the new haven police department and you'll be an honorary member of the pal department. a cool shirt from the new haven police department. >> he's practically getting undressed already. look what you got, buddy. >> we have to run. i'll let you put that on. thank you so much for being here. we're so happy he's doing okay and we wish you all the best. and we'ret(i -- put everything on at the same time -- right after these messages. acific in .
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this afternoon, the u.s. women's soccer team will try to make history by becoming the first country to win three championships. team usa meets japan later today for the final match. we're all rooting for them. nbc's anne thompson is live in frankfurt for more on the big game. anne, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. this is it. it's game day. alex morgan who scored the last goal in the semifinal tweeted this is going to be a great day because this is the day her dreams will come true. around the world, soccer practice is a saturday morning ritual, but for these 21 american women, this workout in
8:50 am
frankfurt, germany, is one to treasure. the final run through before playing japan in the world cup. the way they won like the dramatic semifinal victory is all the talk of a high school girl's team from mississippi on tour here in germany. playing a little four on four on the banks of the mine river. >> abby wambach so amazing. we try so hard. >> reporter: in new york central park, heather super soccer stars are learning the names of the players, just like she did with the world cup champion squad of 1999. >> so exciting to have a player come and say they want to be just like one of them. >> reporter: the difference now, it's not just the girls. >> even though they're girls, we like soccer any time. >> reporter: true in new york and on this field at the u.s. army garrison.
8:51 am
who's going to watch? >> me. >> me. >> reporter: these 8 and 9 year olds all have a parent that have done multiple tours in iraq or afghanistan. guess what they like best about the women's team. >> they don't give up. >> reporter: it's their hallmark says espn analyst, a member of the '99 team. >> to show this courage and this feistiness and this will to just persevere when everything is against you will be, i think, their legacy, if they can win this game on sunday. >> reporter: but the americans have already achieved a big victory. they're regarded than more just world class women soccer players, world class soccer players, period. >> the women are now being appreciated for what they wanted to be appreciated all along. simply their skill as athletes. >> reporter: skills, they hope, will bring home the cup. now, this morning the team has gotten encouragement, tweets of encouragement from justin timberlake and lance armstrong
8:52 am
and today a white house delegation arrived here led by dr. jill biden and including chelsea clinton and they met with family members of the team to let them know how proud their country is and how much the country is behind this squad. jenna? >> all right, anne i hope you have your ticket. once again, here's lester. >> jenna, thanks. this morning on today's taste test. what would a french fry be without ketchup? comes in lots of varieties. which store brand is best? america's test kitchen to come on and tell us. they did a taste test. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. interesting thing that the sweetening had to do with what people like. >> when we tasted these blind, tasters really chose the ketchups made with sugar over those made with high fructose corn syrup. the sugar ones really rose to the top of the list. >> heinz is is the most popular,
8:53 am
but not the traditional heinz, but the organic one. >> if you want to try some. we have am french fries here for you. this nailed the balance of flavor oftima tomato, vinegar a sugar. almost a deeper, more complex flavor. >> you said sugar not high fructose. real sugar. >> this has real sugar in it. also, that nostalgic flavor that you look for. >> double dipping. >> you're allowed. nostalgic played a big role in our tasting. >> that was number one. the other heinz was kind of the middle of the pack. >> that's right. it's fun to compare the two and taste them side by side. this little simpler flavor but still really nails that balance, but has the high fructose corn syrup which tasters rated a little lower. >> i do like this one better. >> little deeper flavor. this hunt's was the runner up. >> it is cheaper, though. >> it is a third of the price of
8:54 am
the heinz organic. very smooth texture and nails that balance of tomato, sugar and vinegar. >> very good. maybe it is the fries that are good. i don't know. >> you're hungry. this is the del monte. this one is really bold and zesty and quite thick. >> sugar or high fructose. >> i believe this is high fructose. >> stronger taste. a little more tang to it. >> higher ph, a little more vinegar. >> almost reminds me of barbecue sauce. >> some tasters said that. it lost points for nostalga. it's good. >> it's not the classic taste. >> finally, we have the annie's organic. this lost points for nostalga because it has deep smoky flavors and it's good. >> it's really good. it's very -- not like a regular ketchup. let me try it again. >> it's very thick. which some tasters appreciated. >> i kind of like this.
8:55 am
>> it doesn't taste like your regular ketchup. it's a fun difference. >> when you have people taste these kind of things. you said there is a traditional taste. what do you ask them to do? >> you ask them to taste the balance of flavors and ask them, of course, whether they like it on a scale of one to ten and ask them to write down some adjectives to put some weight behind what they're tasting and why they like it or don't like it. >> the heinz organic was the number one. >> or the hunt's, which was a close runner up. >> and cheaper. >> julie, always good to have you on. >> nice to see you. >> you can bring french fries any time. we'll taste it with whatever you want. we're back after these want. we're back after these messages. major medical. ...but it helps pay the doctors. pays the doctors, boyyy! [ quack ] oh yeah? what about your family? ♪ we added aflac, so we get cash! it's like our safety net... ♪ to help with the mortgage or whatever we need! so my family doesn't feel the pain too. ha!
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[ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ pigeons ] heyyy! hooo!!! we look out for patients by offering care 1 on 1. we help them save money with generic prescriptions. we talk to them about prescription safety and -- help them save money. plus we discuss possible side effects and -- help them save money! we help them save money. get care 1 on 1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new ongoing prescription. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. and his, too.
8:57 am
we want to go back to david
8:58 am
gregory to find out what is coming up on "meet the press." good morning, again. >> good morning, lester. we'll get the latest from the debt talks and then a debate over taxes and spending and the way forward. senators durbin and demint and a special economic roundtable of jobs and economy summit this morning on "meet the press." >> we'll see you later, thanks. that will do it for us on this sunday morning. chris jansing, chris warren. we frappreciate all the chrises. unforgettable experience at survival camp. >> i'll see you back here tonight for nbc "nightly news." until then, have a great day, everybody.
8:59 am
while you were sleeping casey anthony walked out of jail and began her life as a free woman. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. it is sunday, july 17th. casey anthony is free after three years in jail. the question, though, this morning is where? she walked out of an orlando jail just minutes after midnight with her lawyer and hasn't been seen since. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on her release. >> reporter: in the middle of the night, casey anthony emerged from the jail that's been her home for almost three years. >> that was probably one of the fastest walks i've seen. >> reporter: after all the speculation the jail officials would try to hide her release from public view, anthony walked right out the

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